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Beach Buggin 2014 – The Beach Buggin that never was!

Beach Buggin 2014

The Beach Buggin that never was!

I was soooooo excited about this event!

Beach Buggin is the ultimate VW show by the beach! The event runs every year on Southsea common in Portsmouth.  It is a non profit based event run by a very passionate team of two and a lovely bunch of selfless volunteers.  Its a shit load of fun and a great day out for all the family!!!

However, this year it was not so.  At the final hour, it had to be cancelled due to the Great British Summer weather.  When these words were spoken “Sorry Beachbuggin has been cancelled x severe weather warning issued to us this morning x we dont mind the rain but the wind makes it unsafe to continue” I was devastated!

We had all stuck it out as long as we could, having faith in the south coast weather and its unpredictability, and just hoping it would all be a big fat lie and the storm would swerve around us like it has many times before.  But not this time!  Hurricane Bertha flicked her tail at the south Coast and gave us a whipping.  Heavy winds were the sticking point.  If you have ever tried to put one of these or any other canvas based tent type thingy up in a gale, you will know it can very easily become a low flying missile intent on skewering anything or anyone in its wake!  Human kebab anyone?  I think not…

This was in the local rag!


So heres a little insight into what the day turned out like for some of the VDubbers who made the most of the day despite the shitty weather!

You would have seen all sorts interesting vehicles mooching around all over southsea and the surrounding areas.  Some were already on route when it was cancelled so made the most of the day by joining others in the area for a cuppa and a chin wag.  Some made the most of the mud in their buggies (I’m keeping tight lipped, I didn’t see any skiddy 360’s I promise!!)  Some reached out to their inner child and went mental in the arcades!  Some stayed at home in the warm and dry!  In any case, there was that feeling you get like a kid at Christmas that something big is about to happen, all that pent up energy that has to be released somehow.  And this is how the Beach buggers spent their day thanks to bloody bertha the hurricane that whipped us!

Well, we had our brecky in Sunny and then hit the beach as the sun came out for a walk with the dog, then had our favourite fish n chips later on!  Junk food and getting blasted by the 60mph wind at the beach was the remedy for


Guy Gladstone who is part of ‘Hampshire Lowlifes’ told me: “Few of us from the Hampshire Lowlifes went up to southsea anyway and had a day out in the arcades then off to Calshot beach for the afternoon seemed a shame to waste the day.”



blog photo G Gladstone

Er Guys I’m not sure your bums fit in those any more haha! “Yeah we totally weren’t behaving like children in the arcades lol”

Jimmy Lindsay told me  “Some of The Brauner Stern crew just met up for a breakfast then cruised down to the seafront for a few hours.”


Gives me goose bumps to see VW’s bonding in a crisis!

Jane Ring or Jainbow as she is also known said: “Although there was sadly no show this year, we decided to go for a walk down the seafront anyway, and were rewarded with the sight of quite a few camper vans, including these!!


Great photo of some dubbing beauties!

Kate from Motor Services Ltd/JKM Performance told me:  We had our demo cars and track car all cleaned and ready, my brothers wife and a friends wife to be agreed to be our promo girls – we stayed at work and had a mini photo shoot instead:

Blog photo


James Harriss went to a different show in Newbury and shot this awesome video!

Go take a look right now!  Its brilliant!

What came out of it?

The biggest thing for me was the support of every fellow trader, exhibitor and the organisers.  Everyone remained calm (well appeared to remain calm lol) and made the best of a very disappointing situation.  I for one could have cried.  This was to be my first major event promoting the new business VDub Junkie Campers and I was most looking forward to meeting some awesome people with similar interests.  I find it hard to join the weekly meets and things like that so this is a more relaxed way for me to get to know fellow VDubbers.   Heaven knows how the organisers must have felt when they were forced to make the heart wrenching decision which, by the way, was absolutely the right decision.

There has also been overwhelming support of the chosen charities which would have benefitted from the monies raised.  Traders/exhibitors seem keen to make sure their pitch fees are not refunded but given to the charities or used to book for next year.  Likewise, the general public are donating their entry fee’s too.  People never cease to amaze me, and this act of generosity and understanding right here is heart warming.

People were chatting on facebook all day long, all of it positive, encouraging each other to stay safe and meet up when Bertha turned on her heels and left us.  But of course, there were a couple of upset people, sure they may have travelled a long way, sure they were looking forward to it, but surely they could spare a thought for everyone involved and understand that the event was just physically impossible to get underway in those conditions (minnie rant over lol).  I hope they did in the end.  It definitely makes you understand that the logistics, insurance, dedication, time and effort that goes into one of these big events!! Credit to the organisers for making the ballsy decision to cancel I say! The right decision.


One of the biggest concerns was for the two charities that lost out.  Ickle Pickles and The Rowans Hospice.  Revenue from the gate and the raffle goes directly to the charities and so the amount they will now miss out on could be huge.  However,  with your support we would still like to try and raise what we can for them. Two Just Giving Pages have been set up- one for Ickle Pickles and one for The Rowans Hospice.  If you would like to donate your entry fee, or anything else directly to the charity please choose the relevant Just Giving Page posted below where you can donate directly

So it will be another year before the next one as far as we know.  So next year we will be coming out all guns blazing!  So prepare yourselves for what I am sure will be the best ever Beach Buggin yet!

The date has been confirmed for 9th August 20151


Have a very sunny day whatever the weather!!


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